Do you do interior painting near me?

Most of the houses that we paint are located in Hamilton and Burlington, but we service a vast area, including Ancaster, Brantford, Oakville, Mississauga, Paris, Cambridge, Kitchener, Grimsby, and more. Not sure if we service your area? Contact us to learn more.

Does a painting quote cost any money?

Nope! Any reputable contractors will offer a no-obligation, 100% free quote for painting in Hamilton and beyond.

Do painters do the prep work?

We sure do! Any professional painter should come to your home ready with all the supplies necessary to patch, repair, sand, scrape, and paint your wall. We can even do more involved prep, like wallpaper removal and power cleaning difficult stains.

How do painters estimate a job?

A painting estimate can be done in a few different ways. Depending on what surfaces you would like painted, whether it be just the walls, or the ceilings and trim as well, pricing fall within the $2-$5 per square foot range. We want your paint cost estimate to be 100% accurate and fair to our customers, which is why we customize our free painting quotes based on the estimated material and labour costs. Get a free paint estimate here.

How much does it cost to paint a house?

The costs to paint a house will range widely depending on the size of the home, paint required, and the labour needed to complete the work. Painting a house that’s 2,500 sq. ft. will likely cost between $5,000 and $7,500 to paint the walls. If you are wanting the ceilings and trim painted along with the walls, then, it will likely be in the range of $10,000 and $12,000.

How much are commercial painting services?

Commercial painting is nearly impossible to estimate before getting more details because every job is unique. Expect to pay at least $1 to $4 per sq. ft. for professional commercial painting contractors. We can give you an in-depth estimate here.

How long does it take to paint a house?

The time home or commercial paint jobs require depends on the size of the job and crew. An average job takes 2-4 days, though we can provide you with a better timeline when we build a cost estimate for your job.

What paint brand type do you use?

Though we’ll use whichever paint you’d like when we paint your home or business, we prefer a quality brand to provide the best value for you – Benjamin Moore is our paint of choice.

Do you offer paint colour consultations?

Yes, we do! Since we’ve been operating in the industry for over a decade, we’re well-versed in colour theory and could recognize professional paint ranges in our sleep. If you have a colour question and need some help choosing colours, we’re more than happy to help.

Are you fully insured & bonded?

Yes, we’re fully insured and taking every precaution to complete our work safely.

How soon can I get a quote?

After you give us a call or request a quote via our handy form, you can expect a response within 1-2 business days. We’re open 7-days a week and will get your interior painting quote back to you ASAP.

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