Paint Process

Peter’s Painting takes a professional approach to every step of the process.

#1: Create a free estimate.

Once you contact us for a free estimate for your next painting project, we’ll ask a few questions about the areas you’d like painted, along with relevant dimensions and photos. Then, we’ll get to work pricing out the paint supplies, time, and labour required for the job. You can use our quick contact form for a virtual estimate or book an in-house one.

#2: Protect your home.

Once you decide to move ahead with Peter’s Painting for your job, we’ll book a start date that suits you. Then, we’ll come in and start prepping for the job. First, we’ll move any furniture or belongings away from the painting area, cover them in plastic, and place drop sheets on the floors to keep them in pristine condition. Once it’s all done, we’ll start bringing in our professional painting equipment and extra lighting, if necessary.

#3: Prep your walls and trim.

Now it’s time to prep any surface for paint, including old wallpaper removal and washing/priming any heavy Nicotine staining on your walls. Then, we’ll start caulking wood trim and baseboards, filling window frames, door frames, taping, drywall repairs, and patching/sanding any imperfections in the wall. We want a smooth surface to work on so you get that seamless paint finish! Once we complete the prep, we’ll do one final light surface sand using our dustless sander to help your paint adhere smoothly.

#4: The paint job.

With your walls prepped, it’s time to get into painting. We brush and roll the first coat of paint and let it dry. Then, we’ll lightly sand it, do any additional patching, paint the 2nd coat, and any additional coats necessary to reach that perfect finish.

#5: Clean up and reset.

After the walls dry we’ll remove any protective plastic and drop sheets covering your belongings. We’ll vacuum any residual dust and debris, return the furniture to its original place, and leave any extra paint for you to use for future touch-ups.

#6: The final inspection.

We’ll take you through a final walkthrough so we can be sure you’re 100% satisfied with our work.

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