COVID-19 and Painting

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With the challenging times we are currently facing due to Covid-19, this season will be unlike the rest. I am writing to let everyone know what changes are taking place within Peter’s Painting, and how we are going to proceed in the coming months.


Whether you are looking to have painting done relatively soon, or just thinking ahead for a later date, estimates can still be done promptly and accurately via email for both exterior and interior jobs. Homeowners can provide descriptions, dimensions, and/or pictures to help communicate what it is they are looking to have painted. This can be done either through email or phone. However, until things return to some form of normalcy, we will only be painting exterior jobs or completely vacant interior jobs.


Exterior painting season kicks off in May. Exterior jobs can include anything from siding, soffits/fascia, garage doors and front doors, dormers, and re-staining/painting of decks and fences. In most cases, exterior painting jobs can be done completely contact-free. Throughout the job we can communicate primarily via email and telephone if desired.


As for interior painting, we will be happy to provide interior painting for homes that are completely vacant. Otherwise, for now we can get the process started and provide you with an estimate via email, then revisit scheduling the painting later when things return to normal.


If you have any questions, please reach out by using the Contact Us form.

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